About me

lou copiaHey there! My name is Lourdes Villalobos and I’m a professional in communications with experience in the media, online media industry, account management and media relations, focusing on digital, social and content website.

In my blog you’ll find diverse and updated information about the fascinating world of Digital Marketing.

I have 10 years professional experience. In recent years, I have worked successfully in major companies (International Beatles Week 2014 – The Cavern Club, nVision Global Technology Solutions, Shop Direct Group, Software companies, Educational Institute, Terra, Telefonica) in a variety of roles: Press Manager and Officer (generating media coverage in the UK: BBC Radio Merseyside and BayTV Liverpool), Spanish Customer Service Representative, Delivery Co-ordinator, Consultant, Webmaster, Web Content Manager, Community Manager (fotologs, blogs) and Social Media Manager (Facebook).

Having lived and worked in Peru, Spain and, most recently, the United Kingdom, I’m comfortable undertaking teamwork in a multicultural environment, and am experienced in the management, supervision and coordination of teams. I’m also a strong and effective communicator, and am fluent in both English and Spanish, as well as speaking basic Catalan, having lived in Barcelona for almost four years.

I have travelled widely throughout the world in Europe, the UK, the USA, Mexico and South America.

Currently, I’m a part time student of MSc Digital Marketing at the Liverpool John Moores University and also I’m studying a short course of Digital Marketing at the University of Liverpool.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and please leave a comment, like or follow it, thanks.


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